If you don’t have a controller, then how are you ever going to create a compelling shooter game? This is probably the question that the team of Zombie Studios, developers for Kinect’s Blackwater, started with. The game up with something that can be described as very innovative: a cover system that works, and auto-firing that doesn’t seem to make the game easy. Checkout the video below to see what I mean.

Blackwater Gameplay Video

Drew from Kotaku had the chance to hands on with this game, and his comments are best summarized as follows: “What does one do with a game like Blackwater? The shooting was satisfying, fun and challenging. […] This game felt like nothing but a vehicle for an admittedly interesting control-scheme.”

For me it looks like an interesting game, especially as you will be worn down while you play making you less accurate: hurting your combat abilities. Also, taking cover, moving, those mini-events and shooting: it all seems to be really well implemented! To Drew I say:  if it’s so fun and challenging is it then not say that the control scheme is the vehicle and fun the result?

Do you think Zombie Games answered their main question of how are you ever going to create a compelling shooter game?


Source: Kotaku,GameTrailers