A Dutch gamer website had an interesting interview with Cliff Bleszinski, design director at Epic Games and creator of Gears of War (among other titles). And Adrian Chmielarz, founder of People Can Fly, a company that was recently acquired by Epic Games. In this interview, he gave his vision on Kinect and talks about Gears of War Exile and asks hardcore gamers why they feel threatened by Kinect? Checkout the interesting Kinect part of the interview after the break! And yes, we translated it for you, enjoy!

Kinect Interview Pieces

At first Bleszinski and Chmielarz talk about the change happening in the gaming industry, with a fragmentation between platforms and the fact that everyone is playing games these days. “Take my mom for example, who played Wii Fit for years until I bought her Kinect. Now she’s playing Dance Central. A whole generation of older people is going to be playing games, as these games are no longer the monster behind the door. We have reached a point where just about everyone played a game in their lives.”

Then they go on discussion that gaming is changing in terms of hardcore and casual as well. Bleszinski makes a parallel between the gaming industry and movies, that you have some people who know everything about movies but enjoy the same movies as the others that are not that passionate about them. Chmielarz extends his argument in saying that gaming is not as special as it used to be, as millions of people buy hardcore games these days and get the hard to get achievements as well. Then they move on to the topic of Kinect and Gears of War.

Kinect Gears of War Xbox 360

Hardcore Kinect Games and Gears of War

Bleszinski: Did you ever notice how hardcore gamers feel insecure and threatened by Kinect? Kinect is a good thing, you get people gaming that usually never did that. In the meanwhile I hear those with controllers shouting: “Oh my God, this is where it’s all going!” Then I think, no dude, this is a great introduction in the world of games, where people who play Dance Central now for instance, may one day pick up a first person shooter.

Gears of War: Exile, which supposedly works with Kinect, is the next step, right?

Bleszinski: Well, that is a rumor. I have talked to Microsoft and am definitely a fan of Kinect – more so than Move. This is not because we have a great relationship with Microsoft. I just like the fact that Kinect helps me in achieving one less f-ing controller on the coffee table. In the future I’m expecting to be betting on a hybrid model, a game with a controller where Kinect can be used for speech or hand movement recognition.

So we may be expecting a violent hardcore game for Kinect?

Bleszinski: Well, if you look at the market in that way, then you see that Microsoft is serving the traditional gamer with games like Halo, Call of Duty and Gears of War. Then they are moving toward the Wii-audience and ask: “How can we get those on board?” Well, with the Wii, but then cooler and without a controller. So, then, Microsoft brings Kinect, Kinectimals and Sports games. But – I’m assuming here – later on more hardcore games will emerge. But, you know, in my head I’ve got about 8 million Kinect ideas. Let me first focus on making Bulletstorm and Gears of War 3.

That’s all they had to say about Xbox Kinect in this interview. Sure, he’s not confirming the Kinect Gears of War game, but he’s not denying it either. Furthermore, it seems as though he feels Kinect actually bring something new compared to Playstation’s Move and all-in-all it’s great to hear he’s this open to the whole Kinect experience! Unlike some gamers…

Source, and full (Dutch) interview: Gamer.nl