Independent developer HESAW have finally announced the release date for the long awaited and fully Kinect 2 supported Xbox One version of their darkly funny rail shooter Blue Estate, the teaser trailer for which you can watch above. It will be available to download on Xbox Live, via the ID@Xbox programme, on February 18th for £12.99 / €12.99 / $12.99 with 20% off for Xbox Live Gold members!

Here’s more info about Blue Estate in a press release and fact sheet:


Blue Estate TM  launches on Xbox One February 18, 2015!

The Dark Comedy Shooter will be soon available on Xbox One !

Paris, France – January 29th 2015

Blue Estate, the darkly funny rail shooter developed by HESAW and based on the Eisner Award-nominated Blue Estate comic books from Viktor Kalvachev, will be available February 18th 2015 on Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft via the ID@Xbox self-publishing program for $12.99. All Xbox Live Gold members can also take advantage of a special discount of 20%!


Designed from the ground up to integrate Kinect for Xbox One motion detection capability, Blue Estate offers previously unmatched immersion into the mafia world of Los Angeles, packed with humour, original gameplay and incredible fun.

In Blue Estate, the players will play as Tony Luciano, the homicidal maniac son of LA’s crime boss Don Luciano, and Clarence, a broke ex-navy seal who has been hired to clean up Tony’s mess. As Tony launches a personal vendetta against the Sik Brother’s gang in an attempt to save his best dancer, Cherry Popz, Clarence wants to end the gang war, taking him to the farthest corners of Jamaica!

While experiencing smooth motion control in a rail shooter, using Kinect for Xbox One or Xbox One wireless controller, the player will enter a fight for his life against the most absurd and dangerous enemies, such as scar covered champions that fight-to-the-death, Tony’s own hair and Chihuahuas that are too happy to see you. Players are given a series of primary and secondary weapons to help make their way through the hilariously perilous missions which will come in handy defeating the bosses who’ll try to end your game and your life. But sometimes firepower isn’t enough, so think before shooting and use cover to prepare your strategy, reload often, and try not to get turned into grated cheese.

A killing spree is always better when shared, and that’s why Blue Estate offers the opportunity for a second player to join the fun, through a cooperative mode where every headshot counts to show who’s the best trigger in da house!


Blue Estate will be available on Feb 18th 2015 on Xbox One. Xbox Live Gold members are entitled to an exceptional 20% discount



HESAW is a video game development studio established in 2012 in Paris, France.
The core team was built by six video game industry veterans united by the same values: “Quality over Quantity.” HESAW is currently developing its first project, BLUE ESTATE – The Game, based on the comic book series created by Viktor Kalvachev.


For more information on the graphic novel, visit: and






The Dark Comedy Shooter

100% Arcade. 100% Fun.

Product Description:

Blue Estate is a darkly funny on-rail shooter developed by HESAW, based on the Eisner Award-nominated Blue Estate comic books from Viktor Kalvachev. Blue Estate for Xbox One offers slick wit and punishing violence, all set in an eye-popping technicolor mob world.

In Blue Estate, the player takes on the role of Tony Luciano, the psychopathic son of Los Angeles godfather, and Clarence, an ex-soldier who has been hired as the Don’s hitman. While Tony wages war trying to rescue Cherry Popz, the star dancer of the club he owns, Clarence tries to fight them.

While experiencing the smoothness of motion control in an on-rail shooter, using the Kinect for Xbox One, you enter a fight for your life against the most absurd and dangerous enemies, ranging from the Asian Triad and Jamaican drug dealers to Tony’s uncooperative haircut and even an army of Chihuahuas. To help you make your way through a variety of hilariously perilous missions on offer, you’ll be given special secondary weapons along with your main guns, in order to make bigger holes in your enemies. These weapons will also be helpful defeating the “original” (for lack of a better word!) bosses who’ll try to put a spanner in the works. However, sometimes, fi repower is no substitute for brains, so think before acting and use cover to prepare your strategy, reload, and avoid being turned into a colander.

Bloodshed is always better when shared, and that’s why Blue Estate offers the opportunity for a second player to join the massacre, through a cooperative mode where every headshot counts to show who’s the best trigger in da house.


Key Features:

  • The first rail shooter on next gen !

    A unique Rail Shooter set in the unique atmosphere from the Eisner Awards-Nominated comic books where violence meets off the wall humour.

  • A fun gameplay experience with Kinect

    Original and intense fun gameplay that takes full advantage of the Kinect sensor.

  • 2 game modes

    STORY MODE : 7 adrenaline-packed missions ! ARCADE MODE : where you combine headshots with combos in a race against time!

  • 2 players in local multiplayer

    Relive all the levels in an intense cooperative mode!

  • Playable with Kinect for Xbox One or with Xbox One Wireless Controller

  • A sophisticated scoring system

    A sophisticated scoring system for comparing your scores online and 23 achievements to unlock.


Game details:

Publisher: HESAW®
Developer: HESAW®
Release date : Feb 18th 2015
Genre: Action/Arcade
Rating: PEGI 16
Platforms: Xbox One



Are you looking forward to playing Blue Estate with Kinect 2 now that it’s only 3 weeks away? Let us know in the comments below.




Source: Blue Estate The Game's Twitter, Blue Estate The Game's YouTube Channel