(Trailer for PS4 version of Blue Estate, Xbox One trailer should be coming soon.)

As you probably already know, especially if you’ve been reading 123KINECT, the PS4 version of the long awaited rail-shooter Blue Estate was already released last year, the trailer for which you can watch above, but we’ve had to wait a bit for the Xbox One version. Well it looks like the wait may be over soon as the ESRB has now rated this version of Blue Estate and given it M (Mature 17+) for “Blood, Crude Humor, Drug Reference, Partial Nudity, Sexual Themes, Violence”. You can see the rating certificate below:



Important information about Kinect shooters

I thought I’d add a little advice about playing Kinect shooters that use your hand to aim as I’ve people not playing them correctly and read things in reviews, comments etc. that lead me to believe those people aren’t playing them properly either. So hopefully this will help anybody having problems.

First, especially with Kinect 1 games and especially if you have baggy sleeves, roll/pull your sleeves up a bit for better accuracy. Now on to the actual aiming. Both Kinects are much more precise than many “journalists” would have you believe. When aiming, especially with Kinect 2, you shouldn’t wave your hands around with big motions, you need to make small and subtle movements.

I can’t say for sure about Blue Estate as I haven’t played it yet, so I’ll use Kinect Sports Rivals’ Target Shooting for example. I’ve seen reviews and comments complain that it’s very jerky and jittery, even to the point of being unplayable. Those people are clearly making too big movements, I know that because I tried making big movements myself to test and the cursor does indeed go jerky and jittery. You need to aim more realistically, your arm should barely move and you should aim your hand by making small and subtle movements from the wrist as if you were actually aiming a gun at real targets that were in your direct view. This works fine “shooting from the hip” too, as that’s how I often play for health reasons as it’s less tiring. It also helps if you create a gun shape with your hand with 1 or 2 fingers pointing out or having your hand turned the same way with your palm facing left (or right if you’re left-handed) but with all your fingers out, rather than having an open hand with your palm facing the TV.

Follow this advice and the cursor should move smoothly and accurately and you should not only have more fun playing Kinect shooters but also get a lot better at them!


Are you looking forward to the Kinect 2 version of Blue Estate? Let us know in the comments below.




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