On 8th February we’ll be getting another Kinect game on Xbox LIVE Arcade. The game is entitled Rhythm Party and has been announced at TGS 2011, back in September, when we’ve also seen the trailer. At that moment, the game was introduced under a different title, “Boom Boom Dance“, but maybe it didn’t sound catchy enough so it got renamed Rhythm Party. As online features, the game will have DLC and leaderboards.

On top of the trailer available for some time now, we’ve also got our hands on the game’s description and some screenshots.

Rhythm Party details

“Rhythm Party” is a rhythm action game developed exclusively for Kinect on Xbox LIVE Arcade! Brought to you by the “Dance Masters” development team, it transforms your entire body into a controller. No need for choreography anymore. You’re the choreographer and the dancer! When your body appears at the center of the screen, just dance! Game play is simple: Use your arms and legs to hit the Ripples in time with the rhythm while you create an original performance. Your performance skills are the key! With a soundtrack recorded largely in collaboration with top international artists, and different special effects for every song, this game is guaranteed to get your body moving and your blood pumping!


Do you think Rhythm Party is gonna be serious competition to current Kinect dancing games? It’s an Arcade title so it can’t be too sophisticated.

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