Boycott EA SPORTS title


If you have an Xbox One and were thinking about buying EA SPORTS Rory McIlroy PGA Tour then you should probably think again as EA SPORTS have dropped its Kinect 2 controls!


  • They’re calling it “next-gen golf”, yet it only has old-gen joypad controls.
  • They boast that the controls are “closest to the real thing”, but how are joypad controls closer to real golf than actually performing golf swings?
  • They have the gall to claim you can “play the game your way”, yet we can’t play it with Kinect 2 which is our way.


EA SPORTS had previously assured fans in an interview with Game Informer that using Kinect 2 “will definitely be one of the ways you can play the game”, as we reported last year. Here’s that excerpt from the interview again:


Will the game support Kinect motion controls?

“Our intention is to still support [motion contols] – whether it be the Move for Sony or the Kinect for Microsoft. That will be a way that you can play the game.” Nielsen also told us that the game will have multiple control schemes from complete control over your swing to simpler options. “We had a lot of critical and community praise on the Total Swing Control that we introduced in [Tiger] 13. Some form of that with a little more options will definitely be one of the ways you can play the game.”



Boycotting EA SPORTS

I think snubbing Kinect 2, so therefore snubbing many (possibly most?) of the Xbox gamers who bought Tiger Woods 13 & 14 and who were looking forward to playing a new golf game with Kinect 2, is totally unacceptable. EA pledged Kinect support for their EA SPORTS games back in 2011, yet since then the only sports games with motion controls were two golf games, Tiger Woods 13 & 14, all the other “Better With Kinect” sports games just included voice command features. Due to this lack of proper Kinect support for their sports games, along with dropping the best Kinect support they did have, I suggest that gamers not just boycott the new golf game but boycott EA SPORTS altogether to send the message that gamers deserve innovative gameplay using the latest technology, not have our games actually regress and only use old controller technology!

If enough people who were previously planning on buying the new golf game don’t buy it and it flops then maybe other companies will get the message too, especially Microsoft themselves who have treated a large number of their own customers and developers working on Kinect games so poorly! If you’re wondering why I haven’t also suggested boycotting Microsoft yet, well, that could lead to no Kinect games whatsoever, so it’s best to just keep pressuring them for more Kinect games via whatever means of communication you think best. Email, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Also, don’t forget that you can vote for more Kinect games at Xbox Feedback, where it’s one of the suggestions:


Are you mad at EA SPORTS for dropping Kinect 2 support from their new golf game? Do you agree with boycotting them? Let us know in the comments below.