Update: Brain Training US and Europes release dates announced! kinect news

Brain Training is really coming to Kinect!

Dr. Kawashima and his Brain Training game was the hit that made the Nintendo DS immensely popular. Now, the same thing could happen with Kinect, because an official Dr. Kawashima Brain Training game was comfirmed for Kinect! Already out in Japan, but will be available on the 11th of February in Europe, where it is known as Body and Brain Exercises.

Update: 8th of February 2011 this game will launch in the US, where it will be known as Dr Kawashima’s Body and Brain Connection!

Body and Brain Exercises

Kinect offers far more options than the DS, so this time Brain Training will both train your body and your brain. Namco Bandai comfirms that the game will have 20 different activities (maths, logic, reflex, memory and physical questions) which can be played with up to 4 players. Check out below for a trailer of the game.

Any thoughts on this game? I played the original Brain Training on the DS quite a bit, so I’m pretty excited about this. Are you guys too?

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