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Brunswick Pro Bowling just got a release date by Amazon: the November 30, 2010. If you are looking for a Kinect game dedicated to realistic bowling, then Brunswick Pro Bowling can just be yours!

Brunswick Pro Bowling is the only game to feature a realistic and authentic bowling experience while showcasing jaw-dropping ball and pin physics. Utilizing the Xbox 360 Kinect motion control sensor, players can roll the ball wherever they want it to go, changing their initial orientation in the lane when they need to, throwing the ball as hard or as soft as they want to and even adding spin to the ball.

It seems to us that bowling is one genre in which Kinect may excel. Earlier reports have already suggested that Kinect is able to pick up slight differences in wrist movement which may increase the reliability of your bowling scores.

Read on to find out this game’s features and see some screenshots!

Brunswick Pro Bowling’s Key Features

  • Full support for the Xbox 360 Kinect sensor (sold separately)
  • The most realistic bowling simulation with accurate ball and pin physics and lane oil effects
  • 10 highly detailed bowling environments, each with unique lane characteristics
  • 5 game-play options including Exhibition, Skins and Tournament Modes
  • Unique League Play feature allows players to join teams and compete in multiplayer mode
  • Kid-friendly Bumper Bowling option prevents gutter balls and extends the fun for audiences of all ages

Sounds pretty good right? Checkout the screenshots gallery of Brunswick Pro Bowling below.

Brunswick Pro Bowling’s Screenshot Gallery

So, what’s your view on this game? Does it outperform the Bowling part of Kinect Sports on first view?

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