Already getting tired of Kinect Sports? If not, then the add-on that will be coming to Xbox LIVE next week (26th of April) will wear you out for sure! The Kienct Sports “Calorie Challenge” add-on offers 250 new Achievements Points, and two new Avatar Awards. The following lists shows the Kinect Sports characters you are up against, or ‘Calorie Rivals‘ as Rare calls them:

  • Steady Celery (25 calories)
  • Blazing Banana (92 calories)
  • Supersonic Soda (133 calories)
  • Mighty Milk (198 calories)
  • Peppy Pizza (302 calories)
  • Chocolate Challenger (416 calories)

The add-on will be available for 320 Microsoft Points exclusively on Xbox LIVE.

Kinect Sports Calorie Challenge

In the new Calorie Challenge Mode, your favourite lunch foods and snacks will take the forms of your Avatar Calorie Rivals. Compete against Peppy Pizza, Super Soda and others, as each food mascot represents a calorie goal to burn off through a series of challenges set within an allotted time period.

The last Kinect Sports content was free to everyone, but it seems Rare is unfortunately not continuing that trend. What’s your view on that decision?