Apparently C-3PO (you know, that golden robot from Star Wars) already got a shot at playing Star Wars Kinect. This game has been shrouded in mystery since it was first and last seen at the Kinect E3 demo, and now C-3PO has already played it! It’s so not fair that he got to play it before anyone else just because he is C-3PO, but this whole story has an upside too. More details after the jump!

Anthony Daniels plays Star Wars Kinect

Of course not the actual C-3PO played Star Wars Kinect (since he doesn’t exist), but the voice of C-3PO, Anthony Daniels, did! The famous voice actor tweeted about his playtime with Star Wars Kinect, he said:

I have played Star Wars Kinect. You haven’t. You can’t wait. I can’t say anything more

And apparently he couldn’t even say that, because moments later the tweet disappeared, probably because Lucas Arts wasn’t too happy about him saying that. But anyway, this all means te game is already in a playable state and takes away that dreaded fear of the game being delayed! I think we stand a good chance the game will be out this holiday season.

Star Wars Kinect is said to come out this year (and I now totally think that’s possible) and can be preordered right here.

Oh yeah, Anthony Daniels is so right about this: I can’t wait, I want Kinect Star Wars now!

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