Binary Domain will be a game with plenty of squad based combat, but in BD, the people in the squad are a bit more than mindless puppets that just follow your orders. The game uses the complex “consequence system“, in which your action have influence everything in the game, even whether your teammates trust your or not! Check out the above video to learn all about the consequence system.

Consequence System

Because one of the major parts of the game is how you interact with your squad the fact that this is all possible by means of voice control with Kinect will mean this function will be more than a gimmick. Just as with upcoming Mass Effect 3 you will be able to speak out commands and by doing to be able to react faster to the action and be more immersed into the game!

Binary Domain is starting to look better and better and I personally can’t wait for this title to come out! Anyone else having this game high on their ‘to get’ list?

Thanks to 123KINECT visitor yaniv for submitting this news!