That’s right, the carnies are making their way to Kinect! It’s been announced and we even have some screenshots for you! If you ever have been to the carnival, and wasted all of your money to get that big stuff animal on games that are clearly designed to make you lose, then this is the game for you.

Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do (known as Carnival Games: In Action elsewhere) will be taking full advantage of the Kinect peripheral.  These are the same developers that created the Carnival Games title for the Wii, however didn’t have a well known publisher, and overall the game was a flop, which I can vouch for.  I’m hoping this game doesn’t fail like it’s predecessor, especially since they are building it from the ground up (hopefully they learned a few lessons) AND they have 2K to publish it.  When was the last time any of us have played a bad 2K game?

This time around, it has five theme-park style alleyways and some of the announced mini-games include a batting cage (possibly 2K is testing out Kinect for their next MLB game), a Hot Air Balloon Race, Rocket To Mars and even the classics such as Alley Ball, Milk Bottle Throw and Wheel of Chance.

Kinect vs. Wii Version

I believe they are adding the Wii features with interactive prizes and what not, which I didn’t understand on the Wii version, however with the Kinect version, it’s possible some of these items will be unlocked for your avatar.

A new addition to the Kinect version will feature Kinect’s voice recognition technology which allows players to speak to The Amazing Wodin, a wizard with future advice.  Lastly, a debut appearance in a Carnival Game title will feature Monkey Barker.  He is renowned for his dancing skills, I’m going to suspect there may be a few carnie dances we will need to learn.

Here’s some screenshots provided by 2K!

Carnival Games Kinect Screenshot Gallery

My only worry about this kind of game is will it flood the Kinect with the mini-game madness that the Wii has become?  What do you think, am I right or wrong?