Now that we’ve gathered the available achievements of all Kinect games, it is time to keep the list up-to-date! Luckily, the coming months a few interesting games will be releasing for Kinect, so we’ve got our job cut out for us.

Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do is a Kinect game that was released on the Wii earlier. This Wii version did not allow you to increase your gamer score though. The game has five theme-park style alleyways and some of the announced mini-games include a batting cage, a Hot Air Balloon RaceRocket To Mars and even the classics such as Alley BallMilk Bottle Throw andWheel of Chance.

#Update:  Achievements for Monkey Dancin’ Pack and Coasterama Pack have been added at the end of this post.

Carnival Games Kinect Achievements

There are 30 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Coaster Captain 10G
Play all games in Coaster Corner

Blast Off 10G
Play all games in LaunchPad Lane

Prize Collector 10G
Purchase 10 prizes

Carousel Sweety 10G
Play all games in Carousel Junction

Slugger 75G
Hit a Home Run with the 100mph fastball

Tea Cup Sportster 10G
Play all games in Tea Cup Court

Whirligiggled 10G
Play all games in Whirligig Way

Prize Fighter 10G
Win 10 prizes

Looky Looky 5G
View a pet prize you have won

Prize Surprise 5G
Win your first prize

Around the block 5G
Visit every alleyway

All Dressed Up 15G
Complete a full outfit ( hat, costume and pet )

Back for more 5G
Play 5 games in a row of any game

Ticket Store 5G
Purchase your first prize with tickets

Prize Frenzy 150G
Win & Purchase all prizes

Contender 50G
Go at least 17 rounds on Knockout Punch

At the Buzzer 10G
Make a basket within the last second of Court King

Granny Skills 75G
Make a basket with each object given in Granny Shot

Crash Dummy 25G
Knock out at least 600 gold bricks in Crash-Test Dummy

Monkey Barker 100G
Purchase the Monkey Barker prize

Stylin 15G
Purchase the Barker’s Best prize

Tip O’ the Cap 5G
Purchase the Barker Bowler prize

True Star 25G
Collect at least 100 Red Stars from Gold Rush Mountain

Perfect Pitcher 75G
Don’t miss once with all pitches in Golden Arm

Astronaut 10G
Fly to Mars on launch 1

Stack a Lack’n 25G
Stack 20 funnel cakes

The Ringer 25G
Get two rings on the same peg in Ring Fling

Total Domination 15G
Get the rank of Dominator in Strength Test

Funky Monkey 10G
Finish Monkey See, Monkey Do with no bad poses

Risk Taker 200G
Clear out the wheel in Wheel of Chance

DLC: Monkey Dancin’ Pack

There are 5 achievements with a total of 125 points.

Dance Specialist 10G
Play all 4 Monkey Dancin’ Pack games

Extra Goodies 40G
Own all 6 prizes from the Monkey Dancin’ Pack

Strike a Pose 25G
Score 4 100% Poses in any Monkey Dancin’ Pack game

Bonanaza 25G
Score over 1700 in any Monkey Dancin’ Pack game

Funkier Monkey 25G
Finish any Monkey Dancin’ Pack game with no bad poses

DLC: Coasterama Pack

There are 5 achievements with a total of 125 points.

Moaster Coaster 10G
Play all 3 Coasterama games

Coaster Collector 40G
Own all 6 prizes from Coasterama

Crown Collection 25G
Collect all 3 Crowns in Dragon’s Den

Mummy’s Yummies 25G
Collect all 3 Scarabs in Mummy Madness

Identified Objects 25G
Collect all 3 UFOs in Galactic Express