Carnival Games are one week early this year! kinect news

Carnival Games minigames: a world full of joie de vivre!

All the fun of the fair is coming to Kinect a week earlier than expected! Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do, which releases exclusively for Xbox 360′s Kinect, will now be released on April 8th, instead of the 15th! This makes sense as this game may otherwise be hurt in terms of sales by fellow Kinect releases around the 15th of April: Michael Jackson’s The Experience, and Fantastic Pets.

Michael Jackson the Experience
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Fantastic Pets
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For more info on the Carnies check the latest screenshots after the break, together with a list of useful links to everything we gathered on this Kinect game.

Carnival Games Kinect Release Info

Carnival Games seeks to entertain the family via mini games like: Ring Fling, Funnel Cake Falls, Rocket to Mars, Hitting Streak, Court King, Crash-Test Dummy, Pop Darts, Granny Shot, Shark Tank, The Amazing Woding, Monkey See Monkey Do, Stretch Hot Air Balloon Race, Knockout Punch and more!

More Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do

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