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Thursday April 14, 2011

Have you been wondering whether to get Carnival Games in Action or not? Is it as much fun as claimed? Does it worth the [...]

Thursday March 10, 2011

Only recently, Yoostar 2 released for Xbox Kinect in North America! Our own TheZeeman has been through a lot: dancing, decathlons, bowling and now acting. [...]

Monday December 13, 2010
Kinect Game Reviews

Kinect Game Reviews by customers; could there be a better way to get an unbiased opinion? I don’t think so.  This is why we [...]

Thursday November 18, 2010
Kinect Games Discounted

Do you already have Kinect and you’re not sure about which games to purchase now? GameSpot has tried some of the games and came [...]

Sunday November 14, 2010
Xbox Kinect Experience

A while back, when I started (luckily I’m not alone anymore) this Kinect web site, lots of people were very critical of Kinect, and I [...]

Saturday November 6, 2010
Kinect Games Discount

Kinect Game Reviews are found on the web, but very few have actually been written by people like you and me. Now, we offer [...]

Friday November 5, 2010
Kinect Review by Customer

Kinect Reviews are all around the web, and most of them are by established companies. Now, it’s time to read the Kinect Sensor Review [...]

Thursday November 4, 2010
Kinect Review

Below you will find a selection of the Kinect reviews that are out already. With each Kinect review the conclusion is quoted, so you [...]

Kinect Review by Customer

Loads of the big games sites are publishing their Kinect Reviews, some are even reporting Kinect that Kinect doens’t work well with dark-skinned users. [...]

Monday November 1, 2010
Sonic Free Riders

Sonic Free Riders is the first Kinect Game to be reviewed by a major outlet being IGN in this case. If you are unsure [...]

Thursday October 28, 2010
Kinect Review by Customer

The world’s first Kinect review has appeared in today’s London Evening Standard newspaper – giving the accessory a full five stars and a glowing [...]

Monday July 19, 2010
Xbox 360 Slim on top of the original white one

Xbox 360 Slim Review is an important part of the new Xbox 360 experience. Although a new Xbox may not necessarily seem relevant for [...]