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Fantastic Pets Gameplay Preview: Kinectimals light? kinect news

Fantastic Pets for Xbox 360′s Kinect is a game for the young ones, where virtual animals will be brought into reality. The official description reads: “Fantastic Pets puts players on-screen where their movements and voice commands allow them to play side-by-side with a pet of their own creation.” Does that sound a lot like Kinectimals? Yes it does, and that may not be such a bad thing!

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Your Shape: Fitness Evolved Preview kinect news

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved has been tried out during Ubisoft’s event from last month in San Francisco. The game did not include all features as it was a pre retail version but it did make a clear impression on the testers. Do you want to know how it is to play Your Shape: Fitness Evolved? Then read the full post.

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Kids preview dead honest on Kinect kinect news

Put a Kinect Sensor together with Kinect Adventures up for review in a store in London and you’re bound to see some exciting face. Below you’ll find a video where some kids that had just demo’ed Kinect were asked what they thought about it: a short Kinect Preview if you will. As Kinect’s launch gets closer, Kinect Previews and reviews are the ones that may make or break this product!

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Kinect Games Preview

Kinect Games Preview kinect news

Kinect’s release date is getting closer, so GameSpot now had the ability to (before everyone else) test the games we are going to love. The Kinect Games they previewed are: Kinect Adventures, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, Kinect Sports, Kinect’s Dance Central, Kinect Joyride and Kinectimals! A great hour long video of Kinect! I’m sure you’ll all love this news.

Checkout the footage after the break: there’s ONE HOUR of Kinect Madness!

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Exclusive: Rares Kinect Sports Community Day special

Our own IckyGalaxy trying Kinect!

With the launch of Kinect less than a month away, Rare held a community sports day on Saturday 16th in celebration of their Kinect game entitled ‘Kinect Sports’.  We were invited by someone from Rare that is said to be a frequent visitor of this website (hey Ben, thanks for visiting! Exclusive: Rares Kinect Sports Community Day special ). As the event took place in the United Kingdom, we required the help of one of our contributors living in the UK: IckyGalaxy. Video and Pictures of the event are included!

Beware, he was a healthy skeptic before attaining the Kinect Sports event at Rare – exactly the type of gamer Rare wanted.

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