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Kinects Yoostar 2 Reviewed Potential is the name of the game! specialOnly recently, Yoostar 2 released for Xbox Kinect in North America! Our own TheZeeman has been through a lot: dancing, decathlons, bowling and now acting. Most of you were waiting for this review in order to see whether the game is worth picking up, well… the good and not so good are outlined below so that should help you make up your minds! Frequent visitor HazyCloud needed no convincing though (see comments), as he looked at his $25 gift card for the Best Buy and the great amount of DLC that will come to this Kinect game (some of which is available already).

The game should be available tomorrow in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe.

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Kinect Game Reviews Update

Kinect Game Reviews Update kinect game reviews

A Kinect community on a quest to finding the best...

Kinect Game Reviews by customers; could there be a better way to get an unbiased opinion? I don’t think so.  This is why we enabled our Kinect forum community to help out each other in making a decision on what are good Kinect Games and which ones are better left untouched: spending money wisely so to speak.

Our Kinect forum users have done a great job on reviewing the latest Kinect games. In this case, TheZeeManVictoria and Rawad have been the ones reviewing various Kinect Games, and deserve a big thanks!

Don’t hesitate and checkout their reviews below!

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GameSpot reviews Kinect games

GameSpot reviews Kinect games kinect reviews

Do you already have Kinect and you’re not sure about which games to purchase now? GameSpot has tried some of the games and came up with a score and short review for each of them. This should help you trimming down the list of games, however, don’t rely solely on these scores and reviews as you might still enjoy a game to which GameSpot gave a low score.

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My Kinect Experience A brief Kinect Review kinect reviews

A while back, when I started (luckily I’m not alone anymore) this Kinect web site, lots of people were very critical of Kinect, and I thought it was time for a movement that gave this unique peripheral a fair chance. Especially the major websites, like Kotaku, CVG and Joystiq were full of overly critical fan boys and journalists.  Looking at the Kinect sensor with a positive view, was something that was lacking on the web: so, was born. Nowadays, thousands of Kinect Enthusiasts a day come here for information, and help build the community around Kinect! I had no idea it would come to a web site of this size, but liking every moment of it.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy my analysis and experience outlined below.

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Kinect Games Reviewed by Customers kinect reviews

Kinect Game Reviews are found on the web, but very few have actually been written by people like you and me. Now, we offer the ability to share your review on our forums, besides that you can read and rate other people’s reviews! There’s already quite a list of customer reviews in our Kinect forums, be sure to check them out:

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