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A special boy and his Kinect

kinect autism father son A special boy and his Kinect

If you want to read a heartwarming story about a boy that has been diagnosed with Autism, his dad and their Kinect Sensor, then you have come to the right place:

So, when my son really wanted to try out Kinect, I was more than happy to oblige. He’s taken up to watching me play a lot of video games and tries to play some himself. Controllers for the PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360 do frustrate him and he has a lot of trouble controlling the characters on the screen using the peripherals, but he’s always willing to try and keep on practicing in getting better. As he tells me sometimes, “I want to play with you, Daddy.” so he’s pretty persistent in trying to get proficient with them.

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Kinect Sales Figures Revealed? “LOL”, says Aaron Greenberg

AaronGreenberg Kinect Sales Figures Revealed? LOL, says Aaron Greenberg

An unofficial source (vgchartz) claims they know how many Kinect Sensors sales there were in the first few days. Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg can only chuckle, well actually laugh out loud, when he hears their numbers and sees them reveal these sales numbers as official.

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How to play Sonic Free Riders? Guide inside!

Sonic Free Riders Screens 16th Sept 111 600x150 How to play Sonic Free Riders? Guide inside!

On our Kinect forums, some of the day 1 Kinect Enthusiasts (more specifically: UndgnfiedWrshpr) figured out how to play Sonic Free Riders. A lot of reviewers on the web don’t know how to play the Kinect game. Granted, not knowing how to play the game was not the promise of Kinect: the technology would adapt to me instead of me changing for the technolog. But, trust us, if you would just listen to 123Kinect‘s follower ukwingchunstudent, you may just have a great time with Sonic Free Riders after all.

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Kinect queues in Europe

queue1 Kinect queues in Europe

Kinect has been launched on 10th November in Europe! All the marketing efforts Microsoft has put into Kinect have paid off as thousands of gamers lined up in front of shops to get their Kinect. In Germany, Microsoft has even set up an interactive installation for the opening ceremony of Kinect.

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