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Kinect FORUM goes mobile

kinect forum mobile Kinect FORUM goes mobileOur normal website was already compatible with most mobile browsers, now after requests from the community we finally got it to work: a mobile Xbox Kinect Forum! Should you be on a mobile device, then you the Kinect forum will automatically use the mobile view. You can exit this view by clicking the ‘Switch to Full Version‘ link at the bottom.

Does this improve your Kinect commenting experience on your mobile device?

But how about…

Share your ideas on how we can further improve 123Kinect, We’re listening.

123Kinect switching to ‘the cloud’

Kinect Servers 123Kinect switching to the cloud

Dear Visitor,

We are trying to improve your everyday Kinect-ing browsing experience here at 123 Kinect, and the focus right now: RAW SPEED.

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123Kinect now on Facebook: Become a Fan!

facebook 123Kinect now on Facebook: Become a Fan!Dear visitor,

123Kinect just started a page on Facebook. If you want to be part of the Kinect posse, then please Like us in the box below (or in the sidebar on all pages of this website).

Thanks to the people below, for appreciating our hard work!

Next to this, individual posts also have a ‘like’ button now: be sure to show us which posts you like more because we can use that to better suit your news needs.

If you have any questions or suggestions for how we should use Facebook, drop a comment below!

Thanks for visiting.

Kinect Games got updated!

Dear Visitor,

The Kinect Games page – that shows a full list of planned games for Kinect – got its first overhaul: all of the information on an individual Kinect Game is nicely structured and easy to reach. If you’re looking for that one video, that one preview or that one news item then it’s very easy to reach with our renewed Games for Kinect page! Each Kinect game has fields for: News, Trailer, Gameplay, Preview, Review and more. If these words are not a link then usually the information is not yet available on the web.

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