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Kinect Preview: Child Of Eden

Kinect's Child of Eden

Fifteen years ago he was the man responsible for the fact that we put coin after coin into a certain arcade cabinet. The same man who was responsible for some of us buying a Sega Saturn right at launch day to play his game at home – the game Sega Rally Championship. The main man in this tale is Tetsuya Mizuguchi.

Mizuguchi perfectly redefined the way we had to handle a car in a game. It was all about right timing, the right pace and most important a feeling of the rhythm to get into the flow to finaly master all four race tracks in the game and cross the checked flag on first place. Something we had never experienced in a game before. Never could we have known that so many years later, Tetsuya would pioneer the game sector again with his newest game on Kinect: Child of Eden.

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Xbox Kinect Previewed by Hardcore Gamers

If you’re a hardcore gamer and skeptical about Kinect, then you feel the same as the gamers below … before they started. Check-out this short item by IGN and try Kinect yourself if you have the chance.

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VIDEO: Kinect Dance Central Xbox 360 Preview (Jessica Chobot)

Not sure yet on Dance Central, or just interested in watching Kinect gameplay videos? Then be sure to watch the following movie from IGN! If you are curious for our Kinect Preview, then you may read it here. What is Kinect?! Answer here.

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VIDEO: Kinect Previews on other websites

Film Strip

Don’t like reading long articles on all kinds of nitty gritty details about Kinect (see previews here and here), then this is the article for you. Below we’ve got a couple of rather new Videos discussing / showing Kinect and its possibilities. Sit back, grab a bag of popcorn and a coke: enjoy!

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