FaceCake demonstrated 2 new Kinect-controlled Swivel products at this year’s CES and The Verge tried them out in a video that you can watch above.

The first product was their new advertising signs called Swivel Digital Signage that use Kinect and their Swivel software, which was created for their Kinect dressing room which was first shown at DEMO Spring 2011 and at last year’s CES, to turn regular digital advertising signs into interactive AR (augmented reality) displays when you walk up to them! The example they showed at CES was a Bloomingdale‘s sign that enabled you to try on virtual clothes when you walked up to it.

FaceCake also had another Swivel product called Swivel Up Close which as the name suggests allows people to get up close to a display to try out virtual versions of products on your face such as make-up, earrings and glasses.


Source: The Verge, The Verge's YouTube Channel