Tecmo Koei still has an interest in the Xbox 360, and even better: in Kinect and the Xbox 360. A horse Jockey racing game titled “Champion Jockey” will arrive on Xbox 360 Kinect this September. Predecessors of the series were available on the Wii and the PS2, but astonishingly did sell over 100,000 units.

Tecmo Koei’s VP of sales and marketing Will Curley told MCV: “Now all the major consoles feature advanced motion control systems, the target userbase for a Champion Jockey game has exploded.” And concluded with: “This will be the ultimate horse racing game.” Luckily, Champion Jockey will be playable at E3 this year so that should give an impression if this game is up-to-par with this description.

This is a game that seems to be focussed on a niche, but is it your niche?

Source: MCV