CES this year was the place for Microsoft to announced its Kinect version for Windows. Still, among all this windows stuff there was still place to show some Xbox games, and that’s exactly what you can see in the above video.

Kinect Star Wars in 3D

One of the cooler things that the video shows is that Kinect Star Wars will be playable in 3D. This feature will especially benefit the pod-racing part of the game, as the only way to really see speed and appreciate how fast you are really going is seeing depth on your screen!

Kinect Rush and Happy Action Theater

Other things that are shown in the video are Happy Action Theater and the frantic looking Kinect Rush. All Kinect stuff is in the first part of the video, enjoy!

Update: More Kinect from CES 2012

Kinect Fusion

Making 3D models using Kinect, check the video, below:

FaceCake’s Dressing room

Dress up and see how it looks, virtually ofcourse using Kinect:

CES: Kinect’s Technology Reaches Ultrabooks

Using Kinect’s motion capture technolog (not the hardware) for your laptop will soon be possible:

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