Only last Friday Child of Eden was released in the UK, and now the first charts rolled in showing that the game starts off at 25th place. Given the high profile launch of this game, this is kind of disappointing. That sales do not always reflect quality however, is underlined by dirtyvu’s Child of Eden Review, and my own experiences with this Kinect game (awesome!).

Positive reviews lead me to believe that Child of Eden will do much better this week (as it will also have a lot more days in the week to actually make the sales). Should you be from the UK, and want to improve Child of Eden‘s ranking, then try Amazon and start ordering!

It wasn’t all bad for Kinect though, as a different Kinect game (probably supported by the Wii sales) Zumba Fitness: Join the Party did not disappoint with its first spot! And, after the software update that Majesco rolled out to improve the game’s experience, they deserve their first spot.

What do you think, is the 25th position any reflection of Child of Eden’s quality? And how about Zumba Fitness?

Source: Eurogamer