A new version of upcoming beautiful on rails shooter “Child of Eden” was shown at a preview event and managed to blow its audience away. This much more polished version of Child of Eden not only plays better, but also has some interesting new features. More info after the jump!

Child of Eden lag reduced

The previous preview of Child of Eden, that we talked about here, had some problems with input lag. People were actually pretty concerned about this problem, as it could be a big deal-breaker for the game.

As it turns out this new version of Child of Eden has a lot less input lag! This is very good news, because this was the only big concern of the people that played the earlier preview version. Child of Eden is going to be pretty perfect! The only small concern the people of Kotaku still had was the controls of the camera, but that is also something that can be fixed. This is what they had to say:

Child of Eden now plays better than it had before at Tokyo Game Show 2010, with Kinect controls showing less lag, making it easier to target and shoot objects and enemies on screen. Camera control was still something of an issue when playing with a Kinect-controlled reticule. It was easy to lose one’s bearings while zipping through this abstract world.

Force Feedback

Another cool thing that surfaced during this new preview is that Child of Eden will have Force Feedback. So not only will you be able to enjoy the game through beautiful graphics and sound, you can actually feel the beat of the game too! How does it work? Well you just use your existing Xbox controllers! Put them in your pockets or strap them to you and you will feel the vibrations of Child of Eden. Up to 4 Xbox controllers can be used simultaneously for this. Pretty cool stuff!

Child of Eden will be out somewhere in the summer and can be pre-ordered right here.