Child of Eden hands on video kinect news

Check out this hands of video of Child of Eden!

One person at GiantBomb was lucky enough to get some private play time with upcoming on-rails shooter Child of Eden during PAX East and his play session was captured on video. In this video you can not only see how Child on Eden plays but also how you will look while playing it! The player and a developers are also giving some interesting commentary about the play experience. Interested? Check it out after the jump!

Child of Eden hands on video

So the video below shows some gameplay and even some menu interaction of Child of Eden. Ryan (the player) is saying that the menu’s feel very responsive, better than any of the other Kinect games he’s played. The video will give you a good idea as to how you ‘paint’ or pre-target enemies and then release your power to kill them all in rapid succession.

The video also gives you a little intro as to what the story of Child of Eden entails about the rhythm elements of the game! But most of all it will show you have strange but stunningly beautiful the game looks and how intuitive and easy it is to play it. So check it out below!

Getting more excited about the game after watching this video? I know I am! Lemme know what you think of it!

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