Child of Eden moved back to June? kinect newsFirst Child of Eden was moved back from January to March 2011, but now there seems to be another delay on the horizon. Both GameStop and Amazon list Child of Eden, a game that most hardcore Xbox 360 gamers were waiting for, to be delivered June 14th. Child of Eden, as somewhat of a successor to Rez, is mostly known for its music and stunning visuals.

Why UbiSoft, why?

Although this is sad news, one can also see a glass half full: this delay may have to do with an accuracy update that may allow Kinect to detect hand movement with higher accuracy, for example. Gameplay videos from Child of Eden show that the game is controlled by using ones hands, making the rumored incoming accuracy update relevant to this game.

However, Ubisoft also delayed Michael Jackson’s Kinect game where hand movements seem less relevant than with Child of Eden. Luckily, delaying Kinect games is not standard practice for Ubisoft just yet, as the company was able to deliver (see reviews:) Fighters Uncaged, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved and Motion Sports in time.

What’s your view on this delay? And will you still be getting Child of Eden?

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