After GiantBomb, it’s GameSpot’s turn to play with a nearly complete version of Child of Eden. They played through the four first levels and were able to scour the customizable menus. Read further to discover what they think of it!


The first Kinect game with real HD graphics:

The visuals in this latest version of the game improve on what we’ve seen before and look fantastic. The surreal world you’ll be lazing through in Child of Eden is a trippy pastiche of art styles that shine in HD…making Child of Eden the game that epilepsy warnings were made for (and we mean that in a good way).


Big games deserve great sound:

The tunes in the game…complement the visuals in exactly the way you’d want them to, which makes for a rich, immersive experience.


They were able to play with and without the Kinect (but according to the box at least, this game is ‘better with Kinect’):

Basically, both offer two distinct experiences with the game; one traditional and one that’s more experiential. The control scheme for the Kinect has been expanded to offer more options for players, which is good. …you’ll control your onscreen cursor with one hand, clap to switch between weapons, and act like a cheerleader by making a “Y” to trigger the screen-clearing Euphoria bomb.


Child of Eden deserves the attention it had since his first announcement:

Child of Eden continues to leave us with a positive impression and a smile on our face after playing. The game’s gorgeous and inventive visuals marry nicely with the simple but addictive gameplay. Newcomers who may be unsure if Child of Eden’s playable laser-light show is for them should give it a try. There hasn’t been anything like the game in this generation of consoles, so it’s worth a look.

Full preview

New trailer!

You want more? Take a look at this new trailer

Gameplay tutorial

I added this Child of Eden gameplay tutorial (6 min.) just before posting this news. Thanks to dirtyvu, a member of 123kinect for sharing.

What is that bonus?

Are you attracted to this game, as I am now? If so, you can pre-order now at and get a poster of the game.

source: gamespot, dirtyvu