Sure, we’ve had our fair share of previews for Child of Eden, but this game looks special and you guys indicated ‘Child of Eden’ is on your most wanted list, so here’s another video with a voice over that will explain you everything about the creator of this game, its predecessors and its promise.  Checkout the video below!

Child of Eden Preview

The above preview is done by GameTrailers. Earlier, Joystiq in their preview of this highly anticipated Kinect game wrote that they would definitely play this game with Kinect, instead of a regular Xbox 360 controller, or in their words:

As several more hours of testing would prove, my scores were fairly even between the two control methods, but my experiences could not have been more disparate. With Kinect, this is synthetic tourism, a 10-minute trip into a gorgeous, abstract world where you’re the most powerful being in existence.

With a controller, Child of Eden is a video game.

Already a fan? Then find some beautiful Child of Eden background on Destructoid or the resources on 123KINECT below: