We’ve seen plenty of ways Kinect can be used for other than just playing games but, most of the times, we’re talking about serious projects. However, this time we’re looking at the ingenious way Coca-Cola is entertaining its customers.

As it turns out, Coca-Cola has equipped its vending machines in South Korea with webcams and Kinect sensors to get people dance for a free bottle of Coca-Cola.  From the video it looks like the company succeeded in gathering people around its vending machine and some were even adventurous enough to show off their dancing skills. On top of that, the video has become very popular over the internet with almost 1.5 million views (on Youtube) to this date.

This is a pretty cool way to advertise your product and reach a high number of potential customers by making a relatively small investment (do vending machines in South Korea normally have such a big screens?). Also, it’s interesting to see how creative companies can be nowadays and that only makes me wonder: what else are they going to use Kinect for?

Source: Singularity hub