Commander Cherry Coming Very Soon!

Just a quick update to let everybody know that I’ve picked up a transmission from Commander Cherry’s spaceship that revealed the release date for independent developer Grandé Games’ unique and innovative hybrid Kinect 2 yoga-action-platformer, Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey, will be announced on on Tuesday and that the game will be released for Xbox One very soon as it’s one of the featured games in Microsoft’s “Summer Spotlight“! Also, if everything goes to plan, you’ll be able to read my first impressions of Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey on Monday or Tuesday. Until then you can watch last year’s trailer again above and check out a second montage of new GIFs from the game (please note, the GIFs are low resolution & framerate, the actual game is 1080p and higher framerate) along with a batch of new screenshots below.



Are you looking forward to embarking on Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey? Let us know in the comments below.