Independent developer Grandé Games have released a “Yogawesome!” gameplay trailer for Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey, their hybrid Kinect 2 yoga-action-platformer for Xbox One, which you can watch above.

As you can see you have to figure out the right pose to make to create and connect platforms, then Commander Cherry freezes you with his Platform Builder 3000 and you take control of Commander Cherry with the joypad to navigate that section of the level, shooting obstacles and enemies (and even through your own frozen poses!) and collecting items along the way. FYI, I’ve just found out that Horsedude is just the demonstrator for the videos, you actually appear as yourself in the game.

That’s all the latest news about Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey so I’ll repost more information from Grandé Games’ website:


Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey



Experience the world’s one and only Yoga-Action-Platformer. Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey is a hybrid-motion control game. This means you play the game using a camera and a gamepad simultaneously. The game flow offers a hypnotizing cycle of tension and relaxation. Build Platforms with your body. Enjoy precise platformer action using your gamepad. Simply put, make a selfie you can walk on with your character. The game’s design fosters a natural course of movement. Move freely without being enforced to perform a specific gesture or pose. Play the game the way you want to. Standing, kneeling, sitting. The choice is yours. It’s all about getting creative with your body. Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey also stands out with its relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy the beautifully low poly landscapes and spacy soundtracks during your adventure. All assets are handcrafted with love and attention to detail.


Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey’s development started in August 2013. Commander Cherry and his puzzled journey through space reflects our journey through motion control game design. We are putting the puzzle pieces last gen motion games created together in order to create a unique, innovative and intuitive next gen motion control game.


  • Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey engages body and mind.
  • Enjoy the relaxing deepness of body movement and core gaming in a mysterious yoga world.
  • Play alone or coop with other persons or your pets!
  • You won’t even recognize that you’re playing a body controlled game.
  • You and Commander Cherry will be the best team ever.
  • A refreshing body-control game like no other. Trust us.
  • Thanks to the Grandé Games magic formula, Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey is a unique and compelling experience for body and mind.


About Grandé Games


We are a game studio focused on building unique motion control games. We dissect motion control devices and build our games solely on their strengths and complement their weaknesses through smart game design. We believe that there is a lot of undiscovered potential in motion controls and are determined to uncover it and use it to enrich our games and thus make them fun, innovative and unique user experiences.

More information

More information on Grandé Games, our logo & relevant media are available here.



Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey is due out sometime between Q2 – Q3 2015 for Kinect 2 for Xbox One via the ID@Xbox programme and the trailer has made me look forward to it even more as it reveals yet another unique and innovative Kinect 2 game, once again made by an indie dev. Are you excited for Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey too? Let us know in the comments below.




Source: Grandé Games' YouTube Channel, Commander Cherry's website Via: Commander Cherry's Twitter