For UK readers only: this month Microsoft opened the most rewarding competition so far for Kinect Sports. The winner of the competition, entitled Game with Fame, gets to play Kinect Sports face-to-face against Olympic Athletes Linford Christie and Mark Lewis-Francis. Are you ready for the ultimate test of your Kinect Sports skills?

The ultimate Kinect Sports challenge

To enter the competition you have to

Follow @tweetbox360 and upload a picture of yourself playing “Kinect Sports” or what you think you would look like playing the game, with the tag #KinectSportsGWF whilst describing in less than 140 characters why you think you should win – bonus points will be given for the most dynamic running poses.

There are two prices awarded:

  • the first place winner will win a 4GB Kinect console bundle and will play “Kinect Sports” face-to-face with the two Olympic athletes at a location in central London on 30th January 2011. The price also includes transportation costs for up to three family members (excluding you)!
  • the runner-up winner will win a 4GB Kinect console bundle and a 5 minute online video chat with the two Olympic athletes through Video Kinect on Xbox Live.

Is this a good enough challenge for you to enter the competition and start right now to practice your Kinect Sports skills? Yes, you will have the chance to try a variety of track and field events against Linford and Mark!

You don’t have Kinect Sports yet? Then hurry and order it right now!

The competition closes on Monday 24th January 2011. The winners will be announced via Twitter on Tuesday, 25th January. For the complete Terms & Conditions list, please check the source. Our own Kinect Records are established in our Kinect Sports leaderboards.

Source: Kinect Sports Facebook.

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