Crabitron, an ID@Xbox “Giant Space Crab simulation” game, has been announced by independent developer Two Lives Left. It’s an Xbox One version version of their mobile game of the same name and has (most likely full) Kinect 2 controls! You can see a trailer for the mobile version of Crabitron above.

Please note that the Xbox One version of Crabitron may not be exactly the same as the mobile version, there’s currently not enough information about it as it seems to be currently quite early in development as they’ve just posted a screenshot of of their Kinect 2 tracking programming:

Crabitron-Kinect-2-tracking-programming_624x378(Click on pic for larger & less compressed image.)


Here is the only description of the Xbox One version posted so far:

Use your body like never before with the Kinect & become one with CRABITRON. Coming soon to Xbox One.


So here is more info about Crabitron taken from the mobile version’s description along with a demo video of the mobile version, so again the Xbox One version may vary:


A lovingly crafted game about destroying the universe as a Giant Space Crab.

“I’ve always wanted to be a giant space crab.” — Gabe Newell

“The controls are perfect.” — Touch Arcade

Once, every hundred years, Crabitron descends upon the civilized galaxy to teach humanity a brutal lesson — to stop eating his delicious crustacean brothers.

Humanity never learns. It’s time for their lesson.

  • Touch, pinch, and fling your claws to cause destruction
  • Battle against waves of enemies, including sharks with frickin’ lasers
  • Gobble Burgers of Power, burp fireballs and suck in everything
  • Snap, crush and ruin everyone’s day… or life
  • The world’s most realistic Giant Space Crab simulation



Crabitron iPad Demo Video


It’s great to see another ID@Xbox Kinect 2 game! What do you think of Crabitron so far? Let us know in the comments below.




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