Project Draco is long gone. The working title is no more, as Adriansang has received confirmation from Microsoft on their 10th anniversary Xbox 360 event in Akihibara over the weekend.

High quality XBLA title?

Famitsu suggests the anticipated title will release through Xbox Live Arcade this year, but Panzer Dragoon and Crimson Dragon developer Yukio Futatsugi said the finished release will have “higher quality and volume” than other XBLA launches.” This is similar to what Joystiq suggested early last year.

Adriansang also reports that “the game is a rails shooter, so you automatically progress forward through the stage. Your movements translate to direct movements by your dragon. You’ll need to move around to avoid obstacles and incoming attacks.”

i.e. flying as if you were a dragon… Awesome!

It doesn’t stop there though, as Famitsu heard talks of a variety of dragon types and the ability to customize them with new skills! But for now, feel free to checkout the screens below.


Source: AndriaSang Via: VG247