Microsoft have just announced on their PlayXBLA website that a side-scrolling Crimson Dragon game called Crimson Dragon: Side Story will be released for Windows Phone on September 12th.

Could this mean that Kinect‘s Crimson Dragon will finally be released soon too, after mysteriously being delayed just days before its original June release date? Let’s hope so! 😀

For those with Windows Phones here are more details and screenshots of Crimson Dragon: Side Story:

We are excited to announce that Crimson Dragon: Side Story is launching on Windows Phone September 12th!  The Crimson Dragon franchise is important to us and we’re doubling down on the series. Enjoy Crimson Dragon: Side Story and stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

Game Features:

• In Story Mode, take control of Sana and her dragon White Reaver as they are sent on a special mission revolving around the mysterious pandemic called “Crimonscale Disease”.

• In Mission Mode, the player faces a variety of situations such as high difficulty stages and continuous boss battles, competing for high scores while collecting powerful skills.

• Over 170 Skills are available to be unlocked in-game, and the unlocked skills can be “awakened” in the dragon by using “jewels”. The more powerful the skill, the more jewels are required for awakening.

• Jewels are available not only through the gameplay, but also can be obtained using a location service based on calculation of the distance a player traveled per day in the real world. Additional jewels are also available for purchase. Enter a world dominated by dragons


Source: PlayXBLA