Crytek, developers of the immensely popular Crysis and the creators of upcoming core Kinect game “Ryse” have spoken nothing but kind words about Kinect in a recent interview. The company speaks about how easy it is to develop for Kinect and how Kinect allowed for their new game to be “ground-breaking”!

Kinect easy to develop for

Carl Jones, the director of Engine Licensing explains that they had to adopt their current version of the CryEngine (the one that makes Crysis 2 look amazing on the Xbox 360) to work with the Kinect sensor. He continues to explain that the adoption process has been extremely easy because Microsoft built it very well and made it easy to use. He also tells that Microsoft is awesome when it comes to assistance and support.

This is great news for developers that have not dared to jump to Kinect yet, because it shows that it really not hard to program for the Kinect sensor, and that if things get a bit complex Microsoft is ready to help!

Crytek falls in love with Kinect

The above is really enforced by a recent interview by oxm and Phil Spencer, the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Studios. He says that the relationship between Microsoft and Crytek is all about quality, but now also one of love as “Crytek has really falling in love with Kinect”.

It’s good to hear that the developers of arguably one of the biggest titles for Kinect is both loving the possibilities of the Kinect sensor,  as well as it’s development tools. I hope they love it enough to make more games for Kinect, because to be honest….the beauty of the CryEngine plus the immersion of the Kinect sensor is a combination that is hard to beat!


Source: 360magazine, oxm