Dance Central 2 in pre production special

Harmonix has laid out the long-term plan for its Kinect launch-title Dance Central, with pre-production already underway on a sequel: Dance Central 2!

Dance Central 2

CEO Alex Rigopulos told MCV: “I think that Dance Central has an opportunity to spark a phenomenon, much like the original Guitar Hero did.” Project director Kasson Crooker added: “We’re looking at basic pre-production for Dance Central 2 but are mostly working on DLC right now.

We want to make sure people like [Kinect's] Dance Central first. If that happens, we can look at what they enjoyed about that experience and decide if we want to offer an addition to it.

Dance Central launches with Kinect in November, be sure to order Dance Central if you like dancing and want to learn some moves! Unfortunately, no release date is available for Kinect’s Dance Central 2 just yet. Please refer to our list of all scheduled Kinect Games for more information on games for Kinect.

What would you like to see in Dance Central 2 that’s not in the first release?

Thanks DP247 for reporting on Dance Central‘s successor!


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