Dance Central 3 received a spectacular entrance during the Microsoft E3 2012 conference as Usher performed live to show some of the new moves of Dance Central 3. Unfortunately because of all this Usher stuff there was no time to explain anything about the game, and the world was left to wonder what would be new about Dance Central 3. Well, we’ve just dug up some info on the game and it looks very interesting!

Dance Central 3 new features

The biggest question is to what Dance Central 3 will offer and how it will set itself apart from Dance Central 2. Of course there will be new songs and new moves, but by just having that the game will probably not sell that well. Fortunately Dance Central 3 will have a whole bunch of new stuff to it, and some of it actually sounds like a very welcome addition. Here is a list of the new stuff:

  • Story Mode – go through time in a time-traveling machine, your job is to transition between different styles of music with tunes from the ’70s to the ’00s.
  • Keep the Beat – Go head to head with another player and make up your own moves to the rhythm of the music
  • Make Your Own Move – Create your own move, store it and have it show up as a flashcard in songs
  • Crew Throwdown – Take on another crew by combining elements from Keep the Beat and Make Your Own Move

So there is a healthy amount of new stuff available in Dance Central 3 of which I think the “Make Your Own Move” is the most interesting. Anyway, I’m getting pretty excited about this and I find it astonishing that Harmonix is capable of keeping this outstanding series fresh and innovative!

What is your favorite new addition? And do you think this is enough to justify a sequel?

Source: destructoid