Dance Central, a game that aims to teach its players to Dance and have fun, just released another DLC pack! Dance Central was the first to release downloadable content (DLC) for a Kinect Game, Kinect Sports and others soon followed and Kinect Joyride will present us with some extra content the 4th of January.

For a game like Dance Central the pricing works the same as with Guitar Hero, so you pay for each song, but luckily you get to choose on a per-song basis which you want as well. The songs are 240 Microsoft Points each. Continue reading for the artist & title of the dancing challenges in this downloadable pack of content! Agreed, the picture above this news item contains a slight hint.

Dance Central DLC

The following songs are added to Dance Central’s songlist and are available via Xbox LIVE’s Marketplace:

  • Blur – “Boys & Girls”
  • Rihanna – “Disturbia”
  • Janet Jackson – “Control”

Have you been nailing all the others song, and ready for the next dance challenge? Maybe you can pull a ‘TheZeeman”  if you’re done, and show off at a random party near you! Be sure to get your copy of Dance Central, together with the Kinect Sensor to be just as cool as the Z. Either way, the new songs to dance to will be available later today on Xbox LIVE’s Marketplace.

Please refer to the next page for the full press release of this DLC for Kinect’s Dance Central. If you’ve got any questions, then don’t hesitate to ask us below, no registration required!

Thanks TheZeeman, HazyCloud
via: the Kinect forums

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