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Kinect’s dancing game Dance Central gets a test run by IGN’s Ryan Clements [no, not my brother] who shows how to learn the tricky expert moves. Dance central is, as Kinect‘s foreman Kudo Tsunoda would love, easy to access and hard to master: as shown in the video below.

Dance Central -- Break it Down Gameplay Video

This feature seems to really make this game for the serious gamer, and serious dancer. It increase longevity by a mile, and will make sure that once you got that ‘perfect score’ [Pure Perfection, 25Gs] achievement for Dance Central,  you can actually brag about it to your friends. What’s your take on the feature above? Will you improve your dancing skills through this Kinect game?

For pricing and availabilty of Kinect‘s Dance Central -- soon to be hit -- check here.

Thanks Rawad for this news tip, Source: IGN.

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