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Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg called Kinect launch titles Dance Central and Kinect Sportsbreakout hits“, announcing that each has accounted for one million units in US sales. Kinect has already been shipped 8 million times globally. Kinect Sports and Dance Central seem to take the lead in terms of popularity, as also shows in our community’s top 10 selling Kinect games.

Kinect having games that sell over a million copies and the sensor itself shipping over 8 million pieces in little over two months that Kinect is well established. That is great news for us customers and Kinect enthusiasts, as this will make game publishers and developers accept greater risks in creating Kinect games! That, in turn, leads to more innovation and experimentation.

Popular Kinect Games

During Kinect’s November launch month, Dance Central almost made the top ten in US game sales for the month, but was closely followed by the Rare-developed Kinect Sports and Ubisoft’s Your Shape: Fitness Evolved among the bestselling Kinect titles.

Our prediction for January? Top three will be the same in our view, but the order of the three may be different. We are expecting Your Shape to convince loads of Kinect owners as a second or third game purchase. The game really nicely shows of the possibilities of Kinect in our view. Maybe Your Shape will turn out to be second or even first in the Kinect Games Top 10. Partly due to the fact that the game is pretty heavily advertised.

What will be your next Kinect game purchase? Share your ideas and why’s below!

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