It started as a rumor but everyone was expecting it, it got confirmed recently and now we’ve just seen the demo and found out the new features. With this, I would like to introduce you Dance Central 2!

Dance Central 2 features

The best selling Kinect game is coming back with a sequel (Dance Central 2) and lots of new features:  it supports voice control, campaign mode and has a redesigned break it down. I’m particularly curious about the redesigned “break it down” part. I liked very much the “break it down” from the first Dance Central so I can’t really imagine how it could get better than that.

Dance Central 2 music and dancing

On top of the above mentioned features, the following are also included in the brand new Dance Central 2:

  • all songs from Dance Central 1 can be imported in Dance Central 2
  • Dance Central 2 contains more than 100 songs at launch, thus more music than any other dancing game
  • supports simultaneous two player dancing

If you’ve missed the Dance Central 2 demo during Microsoft’s Pre-E3 Media Briefing, then you can check it out below.

Dance Central 2 Demo

Dance Central 2 Behind the Scenes Interviews

Dance Central 2 Screenshots