With only a little over a week to go for Just Dance 3 to release, in case consumers did not know, it seems Ubisoft has teamed up with 2 retailers, Best Buy and Target. Buying the game from Best Buy will give you 2 additional Katy Perry tracks, E.T. and Teenage Dream.

For Katy Perry fans, be sure it has the Best Buy logo on the cover!

If you don’t care for Katy Perry, you can go with the alternate route and picking it up from Target. Target will give you 2 different exclusive tracks, Rihanna’s Only Girl In The World and B.o.B.’s Airplanes.

The Target cover

If you purchase elsewhere, you won’t receive the exclusive tracks and just the normal game. Unfortunately Ubisoft is not known well for DLC, more than likely these tracks will be available on a new Just Dance game releasing sometime in the next year. It would have been more consumer friendly than if they just made a DLC pack with these 4 songs on launch day and they could have saved money printing one label instead of 3 and 3 different types of media. Anyway, what do you think about this whole fiascal?

Luckily though this game does not just rely on these single songs, as you can see in the Just Dance 3 tracklist.

Source: Best Buy,Target