Earlier, Kinect’s next dancing game ‘Dance on Broadway‘ was found to be listed by our faithful audience. Well, let’s face it, there’s always been a hunch that Dance on Broadway was arriving for Kinect, but no one knew for sure, until now. We still do not know the expected arrival date except it’s in the works, according to Ubisoft.

Dance to Broadway Musicals

Dance on Broadway will allow players to dance and act in a variety of classic Broadway musicals like Cabaret, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Fame and even some newer ones, such as The Lion King and Hairspray.  Stay tuned to 123kinect.com for confirmation of the musicals and tracks confirmed for the Kinect version as well as screenshots, achievements and more!

Fans of the game will be happy to know that with the Kinect version, Ubisoft was aware of the issues that owners of the Wii version had and are being answered by fixing them hopefully with more musicals and tracks and also expanding it with all new gameplay modes.

Are you looking forward to this game?  Do you think it will compare with the other Kinect dancing games (Dance Central, Dance Paradise etcetera) or is this one of those few titles that are in its own category?

Looking forward to your comments below!

Source:  mcv, broadwayworld