NowGamer had the opportunity to discuss recently with David Braben about the lessons learned from Kinectimals that will be applied to Kinect Disneyland, about Kinect, its evolving vocabulary and much more.

If you think Kinectimals was great, wait until you get your hands on Kinect Disneylands Adventures:

What Kinectimals did is that it introduced Kinect to a lot of people and brought a lot of people to see the sort of things that you could do on the technology. Disneyland is an evolution of that. Kinect Disneyland is the first open world experience on Kinect.

Kinect vocabulary

Another thing David mentioned is that Kinect is just at the beginning and that it takes time to build up a vocabulary for it. He further compared this with the introduction of the console controller:

Issues with controllers is that it takes a while for people to build up a vocabulary of how it’s used. When the first analog controllers came out it was a good few years before the actual vocabulary [built up]. We are still in that early learning phase of Kinect so the great thing is that with each game we do new things are introduced, new mechanics become more established.

The interview also addressed Kinect Fun Labs and the challenge of merging controllers and Kinect. So make sure to watch the whole interview available below!

David Braben interview