DaVinci goes touchless with Xbox Kinect kinect news

With Kinect you can use touch-screen software on the big screen!

The video below shows the DaVinci Experience working together with Kinect. The interesting thing about this is that the DaVinci Experience is created to be used with touch-screen interfaces, but now with the use of Kinect, can be used on the big screen! Check below for the full video!

Touch screen interfaces and big screens

Imagine having to use the DaVinci software on a big screen in front of you, but you’ll have to interact with it via touch… It will be impossible because the area is far too big! You’ll have to rely on a second, much smaller, display on which you’ll provide the input. This is not handy because you’ll have to keep looking at the small display, taking away the experience of working on a big screen.

Now with Kinect this drawback of touch-based interfaces is as good a gone. Virtually every touch based interface can be used on a big screen with the help of Kinect: moving the mouse cursor around is done with an open hand, and touching down is done by closing your hand! Simple but extremely effective. I imagine that even pressure control could be added by moving your hand closer and further away from the screen.

Improving game interfaces

Game developers could also learn something from this, because as I have expressed before, some of the current game interfaces are just too slow for my taste. This opened and closed hand thing could speed up interfaces like the one of Kinect Adventures and Kinect Sports!

These developments and demos are a very good thing I think, as game developers can learn from this and will ultimalely create better or more feature rich games for Kinect. Any other thoughts on these developements? Please share them with us!

Thanks CorellianRogue (via Forums)

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