Day[9]TV’s Nevermind Demo Video Part 1

Update 2

Day[9]TV have now uploaded a recording of their Nevermind livestream to YouTube in 2 parts, you can watch part 1 above and part 2 below. I’ll also keep Markiplier’s video on here which you can watch further down. There are only 3 more days of Nevermind’s Kickstarter campaign left so if you haven’t already then get pledging and if you have then raise your pledge if you can afford it and/or don’t forget to spread the word:

Day[9]TV’s Nevermind Demo Video Part 2


Markiplier’s Nevermind Demo Video


Unfortunately although the livestream was available for free Day[9]TV’s recorded videos are only available for paid subscribers so we won’t be able to bring you the replay. However I have found another video demo of Nevermind on YouTube from Markiplier which you can watch above, although unlike Day[9]TV’s video it doesn’t show the heart rate monitor on screen.


Day[9]TV is playing Nevermind today and livestreaming it via Twitch at 1pm PST / 3pm EST / 9pm GMT. You can watch the livestream above at that time or watch the replay at anytime later if you miss it live.

This groundbreaking biofeedback horror adventure game’s Kickstarter campaign only has 6 days left and desperately needs more backers to reach its goal so if you want to play it on Xbox One with Kinect 2 then please pledge if you can or if you can’t then at least spread the word as much as you can by passing on this link to as many people as possible:




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