This week’s Xbox LIVE Deal Of The Week includes the Kinect games Nicktoons MLB and Doodle Jump For Kinect. Microsoft have recently changed Xbox LIVE payment from points to local currency so here are the prices:

Doodle Jump Kinect was £3.49 (UK)/ €4,79 (EU)/ $4.99 (US) but now it’s £1.74 (UK)/  €2,39 (EU)/ $2.49 (US)

Nicktoons MLB is an incredible bargain as it was £19.99 (UK)/ (Can’t find Euro price, maybe it’s not available in Europe outside the UK?)/ $29.99 (US) but now it’s only £1.99 (UK)/ $2.99 (US)!

These deals run from September 10th to September 16th.

Don’t forget that Xbox LIVE Deal Of The Week is only available to Xbox LIVE Gold members.


Nicktoons MLB Screenshots


Doodle Jump For Kinect Screenshots


Source: Xbox Games Store (formally known as Xbox LIVE Marketplace), 2K Play's YouTube Channel, Doodle Jump YouTube Channel