A game that many people on 123KINECT had quite high expectations for is PowerUp Heroes for Kinect. If you didn’t get this game for Christmas or obtained it otherwise, then this may be a good time to test if it’s up to your expectations as the demo is now available for download on Xbox Live!

Here’s the description that comes with the demo, and the link to download this demo from Xbox Live is available further down.

The universe is in peril, and it’s up to you to annihilate the forces of evil. PowerUp Heroes is the ultimate full-body superhero fighting game for Kinect. Live out your dreams of becoming a hero by transforming your X360 avatar into a superhero, infusing it with powers and unleashing! Take on opponents each charged with a different set of deadly powers. Defeat them in battle to seize their super suits, strip them of their abilities, and wield their power for your next fight! Use your arms, legs and full body to dodge, punch, kick and launch deadly super attacks. Collect up to 20 super suits and master over 40 different super assaults. Battle it out solo, in two-player versus or go online to face-off against other aspiring superheroes. Collect rewards and achievements and display your dominance with online leaderboards. PowerUp and Unleash!

Download demo

Find the demo via this link, or via your Xbox 360. Please note that Gold is required to download the demo in the first week of  its availability.

In case you don’t feel like downloading demos to test your upcoming purchases, we also have a full review of PowerUp Heroes available for you.